Marco Mcdewey

About the Author

Marco Mcdewey

I was raised in a very small farming community in the Southern Deserts of California right on the Arizona border.

population of 1100 people, Our School was even smaller, I only had 20 kids in my graduation class of 1983. Raised in a very christian home in the country
where we raised all kinds of animals, from horses to pigs and chickens. I have always had a love for Dogs and all animals for that matter.

But Dogs have always had a special place in my heart. They love you unconditionally and quite honestly anytime I’ve had a bad day, my dogs take that pain away and make everything better.

Family was and still is the most important part of life and my house would not be a home without a dog in it.

I now reside in beautiful North Idaho, where I have 4 dogs now and a cat. I started writing this book as a story about me and my father Buck.

My father and my mother raised me to respect all life and with a belief in the golden rule. There is a sign when you enter my home that reads
“In this home is where friends become family” I hope all that read my book will take something good from it and if my story helps one single person
it was worth the journey made. God Bless”